Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage Food Banks

Any time you open the website, it will you show the food banks open NOW. You can also choose to see what will be open the "Next Day".

Food for Thought

A community fridge in Mountain View where volunteers drop off pre-made meals and fresh produce. Anyone in need can come pick up a meal!


Call: 907-343-4668

WIC = Women, Infants, Children

Gives families money each month for pregnant women, and families with infants or children under 5 years old.


Call for SNAP help: (844) 222-3119

Text: SNAP to (907) 891-8913

Notes about SNAP:

SNAP does not count against you in an immigration case. It does not count as "Public Charge". Read more from the USDA & USCIS here.

You can reach the Division of Public Assistance directly at their Virtual Contact Center (VCC): 800-478-7778. Or email them at