get Healthcare

Affordable / Free Healthcare

Where to go if you need healthcare and:

  1. you don't have insurance, or

  2. your insurance doesn't cover what you need

Project Access is a free or low-cost short term healthcare program for low-income residents who live in Anchorage and need medical care. Out of area exceptions are allowed, please call the office for details.

  1. See if you qualify as a patient

  2. A doctor needs to refer you to APA. See what they need to do.

  3. Patient responsibilities

To see if you are eligible for a FREE breast & cervical cancer screening, to make an appointment or for more information call our Outreach Specialists at (907) 644-9600 ext 1005 or ext 1006.

Local hospitals also have discount programs. See below to learn more.

Health Insurance Choices

Local Hospitals & Clinics

  1. Become a Patient

  2. Healthcare Services at ANHC

  3. Discount Cost Program (sliding fee scale)

  4. ANHC Language Support - "Language assistance is provided for free at every appointment." Ask for an interpreter before your appointment so it can be ready for you.

  1. Patient rights

  2. View or Pay bills online

  3. Health Insurance accepted at Regional

  4. Consult-A-Nurse® for Expert Advice, FREE, 24 Hours a Day/Seven Days a Week. Pediatric and Adult Line: (907) 264-1722