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  1. - Jobs in Anchorage

A website that pulls available jobs from other websites (including the ones below!) to put them in one place for Anchorage job searchers.

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You can login with the same account you use to sign up for the PFD in Alaska. Learn all about the job you are signing up for, "save" jobs you like, and apply for jobs.

  1. - Jobs in Anchorage

Many types of jobs. Use the "filters" at the TOP to look for full or part time, certain companies, and other details.

  1. - Jobs in Anchorage

US Government jobs. Use the "filters" on the RIGHT side to help you search for the right job for you.

  1. Department of Labor - Alaska jobs that a recruiting now

Seafood, fishing, healthcare and other industries will "recruit" new workers from the Department of Labor. See the list of companies here.


Department of Labor Resources

  1. Find a Job Center near you

A job center can help you find jobs you are ready for right now, and can help with resumes, and other job needs.

  1. Job Readiness ONLINE Workshop Schedule (PDF)

Topics like interview practice, state jobs, and how to use AlaskaJobs to search for jobs. Held on Zoom.

  1. Jobs "Recruiting" new employees right now

Some companies list job openings on the DOL website.

MyAlaska Login Required (same as PFD application)

Career Training

Free or low cost training that will get you on a good paying career path in Alaska.

Alaska Works - Construction School

"Trades skills including; Carpentry, Welding, Plumbing, Electrical, Weatherization and more."

gBETA Anchorage

gBETA is a free, seven-week course for people wanting to open their own business. Each program is capped at five teams, and requires no fees and no equity. Click here to learn more.

Labor Rights

Employee Rights

  1. Immigrant Employee Rights

  2. Pregnant Employee Rights

  3. Labor Laws & Issues (workers compensation, FMLA, taking time off work, unsafe workplaces, and more)

"Discrimination" is Illegal

You have rights. Your employer cannot treat you differently because of your race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, etc.

  1. About Racial/Ethnic Discrimination

  2. About Religious Discrimination