Help with Utilities

Get Help with this program:

(877) 384-2575 | 9 am-9 pm ET

7 DAYS PER WEEK | ACPsupport@usac.org

You must print and drop off, email, or fax your application to a Public Assistance Office.

Common questions are answered on the application.

Utility Company Options

You should always try to call the company and make a payment plan with them. These companies make it easy to do that.

For the most up-to-date information about utility help, call 2-1-1.

Utility companies sometimes have programs to help users pay their bills. 2-1-1 will know about these programs and can help you apply.

Chugach Electric Hardship Payment Plan Application

Harship payment plans can reduce your monthly bill. You will still owe the money, but it will protect you from having your power shut off.

Customer Support: (907) 563-7494

  1. Learn more about Chugach Hardship Payment Plans